Overall Rating: 8.5/10

Buzzer, The Buzz About After The Dark Knight was highlighted by a brilliant performance by Heath Ledger, and Heath Ledger alone, the latest and final installment in the Dark Knight trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises, is a better all around film. While no actor blew my socks off, everyone was really good, including Christian Bale, who never matched up to other actors in the previous 2 films.

Maggy, Triple M: The director, Christopher Nolan, is a great director and as fans have been saying “In Nolan we trust”. And I’m glad to say I did trust Nolan on this one, because this film is great. I think a high note that I need to start off with is the cast. Everyone gave it their all on this one, and while no one can top Heath Ledgers miraculous performance as the Joker, Bane isn’t a bad follow up. The character who I loved the most in this movie as Catwoman.

Rick Marshall, In his last adventure under Christopher Nolan’s guidance, the Dark Knight never quite rises to the occasion.

Bob Grimm, Tucson Weekly: The Bane voice drove me crazy, but I still liked it.


Overall Rating: 4/10

William Goss, These films are generally good at being good enough, and the fourth installment, “Ice Age: Continental Drift”, doesn’t deviate from that modest tradition.

Jackie K. Cooper, The series is winding down but there are still enough laughs to entertain the pre-teen crowd.

Jonathan Kiefer, Village Voice: The best bits are basic and all but voiceless: those Scrat-intensive set pieces, still inspiredly squirrelly if much too far apart.

Kyle Smith, New York Post: Popping from one silly set piece to another is all that really concerns the screenwriters.


Overall Rating: 7.5/10

Roger Moore, McClatchy-Tribune News Service: It rarely stumbles into “terrible,” but this “Spider-Man” never rises to anything, either. Where’s the charm, the heart, the humor?

Dana Stevens, Slate: This might be a fun summer blockbuster if only it even remotely needed to exist.

Buzzer, The Buzz About Movies: The emotional depth to this film was incredible, more emotion than any other action movie I’ve seen. This is better than the entire first Spider-Man trilogy combined.

Maggy, Triple M: It wasn’t like Peter Parker does something really cool and then suddenly Gwen Stacy likes him. Their romance developed and it was realistic and I liked that.


Overall Rating: 7/10

 Lisa Kennedy, Denver Post: It’s a goofy premise pursued with crass-as well  as sentimental-relish.

Laremy Legel, You’ll feel the warmth and camaraderie of a      Bostonian and his little sentient bear.

Tom Long, Detroit News: “Ted” is so lazy you want to kick the stuffing out of  it.

Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune: Like “Family Guy”, “Ted” is only about its own hyperlinked pop culture references.


Overall Rating: 7.5/10

 Maggy, Triple M: You understood Merida’s pointy of view and her mothers point of view, and it’s good when you can understand characters and they’re all relevant. 

Peter Rainer, Christian Science Monitor: It’s a safe experience; but safe, in this case, is better than sorry.

Liam Lacey, Globe and Mail: What we get would be fine from another studio, but too safe and too familiar for Pixar.

Mick LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle: In terms of story and emotional power, “Brave” comes up short.


Overall Rating: 8/10

 Rafer Guzman, Newsday: It’s one of the year’s best surprises, and so its frequently under rated star.

Sara Stewart, New York Post: Steven Soderbergh’s breezy dramedy serves up something for every taste.

Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times: If filmmaker Soderbergh had paid as much attention to relationship dynamics as he does to dance number mechanics, this film would’ve gotten closer to living up to magic in its name.

Steven Rea, Philadelphia Inquirer: A weirdly guilty pleasure.


Overall Rating: 5.5/10

David Edelstein, New York Magazine: The film is impressive.

Todd Jorgenson, Stone brings his usual visual flair to the material, and he’s helped along by some solid performances from a deep ensemble cast.

Jeanne Kaplan, Kaplan vs. Kaplan: Why should we care about any of these characters? And that is the point — we don’t really care about them.

Susan Granger, SSG Syndicate: Silly, sordid and sadistic – filled with gratuitously excessive grisly, graphic violence.


Overall Rating: 3/10

 Kam Williams, Madea goes mainstream!

Calum Marsh, Slant Magazine: The film remains buoyed by the same open heart that makes Tyler Perry’s best work so endearing.

Alison Willmore, Movieline: I, frankly, was hoping for at least some hair-pulling.

Cole Smithey, Tyler Perry continues to make movies for his audience. Everyone else can be [darned].


Overall Rating: 9.5/10

Tom Long, Detroit News: Anderson never loses his core themes – young love, the need to escape, the bind and bluster of family. His “Kingdom” may not be large, but it is perfectly appointed.

Christopher Lloyd, Sarasota Herald-Tribune: Wes Anderson’s films are stylistic carbon copies of each other, merely swapping out storylines and characters. It’s like going to a bunch of different restaurants and ordering the exact same meal — you walk in knowing what you’re going to get.

Bob Grimm, Reno News and Review: This film contains some of cinema history’s best lightning strikes.

Rene Rodriguez, Miami Herald: Most of Wes Anderson’s previous pictures came from the head; “Moonrise Kingdom” is one from the heart.


Overall Rating: 4.5/10

James Berardinelli, ReelViews: Once upon a time, calling a movie “lesser Woody Allen” might be considered a slap in the face. Now, it’s more-or-less expected.

Ricardo Baca, Denver Post: Allen’s story moves along quite wonderfully, primarily because of his nuanced casting.

Tom Long, Detroit News: It’s minor Woody, but it’s still Woody.

Tim Brayton, Antagony & Ecstasy: It is not “great Allen”, even if it is otherwise a supremely characteristic work.

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