SPIDER-MAN 2-Movie Review

June 25, 2012


Spidey’s swinging around AGAIN! You’re reading The Buzz About Movies’ review on Spider-Man 2. Marvel was cheering when Spider-Man came in with an impressive haul at the box office. So, they made a sequel, in which Spider-Man duels against Doc-Ock. The film is clever, because it is all mental, showing you the key to finding yourself is through […]


June 25, 2012


Why so serious? I don’t know. Why are you so serious, Joker? You’re reading the Buzz About Movies’ review on The Dark Knight. Before The Avengers, this film was the most successful superhero film of all time. Did it deserve that rank? Yes, but The Avengers tops it off by a lot. Many thought the film should’ve been nominated […]

MEN IN BLACK 3-Movie Review

June 13, 2012


Look, the alien only had one arm in this movie! You’re reading The Buzz About Movies’ review on: Men in Black 3. After soaring over a 200 M dollar budget, MIB 3 looked done. But it came  back to get some solid noise at the box office, but they probably won’t break even on this thing. […]


June 11, 2012


This the movie NO ONE heard about! You’re reading The Buzz About Movies’ review on Batman Begins. So, after Batman and Robin completely failed, Batman looked to be abandoned and it seemed only Tim Burton could bring Batman to life. Joel Schumacher tried twice, and failed twice. Both Batman Forever and Batman and Robin were flops. Maybe the addition of Robin was […]


June 4, 2012


Mirror mirror on the wall, who is fairest of them all? You’re reading the Buzz About Movies’ review on Snow White and the Huntsman. In 2010, Tim Burton changed the fairy-tale genre with Alice in Wonderland. It grossed over 1 billion dollars, and was a darker twist on the too-da fairy-tale of Alice in Wonderland. With the […]

MEN IN BLACK-Movie Review

May 29, 2012


The third installment in this franchise came out a few days ago. You’re reading The Buzz About Movies’s review on Men in Black. The film was originally released in 1997, and now has two sequels. The film follows Agent J (Will Smith) learning the ropes of fighting aliens, until he actually has a huge cruiser scheduled […]


May 21, 2012


Edward Norton is not as good as Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk. You’re reading The Buzz About Movies’ review on The Incredible Hulk. After 2003’s Hulk flopped on its belly, Marvel was devastated. So, in 2008, they tried to get Hulk in people’s minds again with The Incredible Hulk. They got Edward Norton to play Hulk, but after […]