So, every week for the rest of the year, I’ll be reviewing radio hits that came on the radio throughout 2012. Some of these however, did not debut in 2012. To finish this year off, we’ll be counting down the 30 greatest artists this year.


STRONGER (WHAT DOESN’T KILL YOU)-Kelly Clarkson  (9/10: Triple Awesome) I felt like this song was very peppy from the first time I heard it on the radio. It feels like a pep-you-up type song and we like it. It feels like she’s saying, “You don’t control me.” All of Clarkson’s songs have a good message, which is something that we really like about her and her music.

SHIPS IN THE NIGHT-Matt Kearney (9/10: Triple Awesome) This song is much mellower then other radio hits but has a very good beat. This isn’t the most heard song, but it does get played a bit on the radio. I hadn’t even heard of Matt Kearney before hearing this song.

GUARDIAN-Alanis Morisette (8/10: Fun Fine Time) This song is mellow, like Ships in the Night, and has a strong beat, but it can drag at some parts. It is a good song, and the radio loves it, and it is great, but it is a bit slow.

BETWEEN THE RAINDROPS (Lifehouse) (9/10: Triple Awesome) This song has all the elements. Strongly written, good beat, good vocals. Just the beginning starts off just a bit slow, and that’s why this song is a 9, not a 10.



Elza, a singer who was not corrupted by fame, who turned down many studio contracts, and has kept a steady fan base without any recent album releases. Her songs have meaning to them, and many she wrote with her husband, Regie. She has two 4-year old twins, Ashley and Savanna, and lives in Ridgefield, Connecticut, living a nice, easy life. Her top album, Getting’ Free, is by far her best. Her song, Boys, Boys, Boys, is really funny. I had the opportunity to talk to her over dinner. I suggested to her the release of another album. She still has over 3500 loyal fans, which is extremely solid for some one who hasn’t released music since 2007. She honestly should release another album. She never got the attention she deserves. When you hear her music, you get a feeling like you’re hearing Taylor Swift, same idea, and she has a much better voice than Taylor Swift. Elza sang her entire Getting’ Free album live however, no switches to her voice, which is very impressive! Elza also has never been corrupted by fame with no jail, drug, or alcohol records. Her first album, Elza, she wrote in 2001, early in her career. She also has been entered into plenty of song competitions, and has gotten to the finals many times, and won sometimes and lost others. She even opened for Jessica Simpson! I honestly suggest you check out her music!


Train has had a very strong history with music before. Almost everyone loved their album, Save Me San Francisco. Their followup album, California 37 is just above and beyond. With their songs rocking it, in particular Drive By and 50 Ways to Say Goodbye, it is an incredible soundtrack. I will now review each song, and then give the album an overall rating:

MAYBE THIS’LL BE MY YEAR is a strong single with a really nice beat. With a great pop/rock mixture, it is a very good piece of music. The tune “Maybe this’ll be my year” is great and I really enjoyed that. OVERALL SONG RATING: 9/10

DRIVE BY is one of my all time favorite songs. The idea is so simple, yet so complex. The simple idea is a guy getting a trash bag to hold his love, but there is a lot of fantastic deeper meaning. In a great stage of rock music (today) this beats it all out. OVERALL SONG RATING: 10/10

FEELS GOOD AT FIRST is like a melody, but a bit weirder. While still good, it does not live up to other songs on the album. It feels like an upbeat love song, yet different and more wacky than others. OVERALL SONG RATING: 7/10

BRUISES is a really crazy rock ballad, well at least it sounds like that. It feels like a life lesson, and Ashley Monroe’s voice doesn’t help, it makes the message feel more repetitive. OVERALL SONG RATING: 7.5/10

50 WAYS TO SAY GOODBYE is one of this album’s best songs. It is really funny thinking of all these scenarios of how a guy broke up with a girl. This is the stuff I really like from Train. OVERALL SONG RATING: 10/10

YOU CAN FINALLY MEET MY MOM feels very much like “Bruises” but slower, and doesn’t have much of a message. The song doesn’t really carry itself, and the whistling and slow piano makes it feel weirder, like a man version of “Adele” not the stuff Train should do. OVERALL SONG RATING: 7/10

SING TOGETHER is a nice song that feels Hawaiian in a way. I like its Hawaiian feel, and the nice plucking sensation in the music. This is a great piece. OVERALL SONG RATING: 9/10

MERMAID‘s title makes it sound girly, but it has an incredible beat, and is a great song. The tune feels like it is Under the Sea, and very much like the Alan Menken song “Under the Sea” but modern”ified”. OVERALL RATING: 9.5/10

CALIFORNIA 37 is a party song, no doubt. It has a meaning “To you who thought Train couldn’t get it rolling again” and “San Francisco got it done” referring to their album, Save Me San Francisco. I really like this beat and the meaning that Train put into the song. OVERALL RATING: 9.5/10

WHERE THE FOG ROLLS IN is slower than any other Train song I’ve heard! Speed it up! This isn’t Adam Lambert or The Killers! OVERALL RATING: 6/10

TO BE LOVED is a nice traditional Train song. Nice music, nice background, nice vocals. It makes you feel welcome, and nice. This whole album is classic California rock music, and this song is no exception. OVERALL RATING: 8/10

OUR OVERALL RATING OF THE ALBUM “CALIFORNIA 37” IS: 9/10 (Triple Awesome). Great album! Love Train, love it! See you soon on the next post of “Other”

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