This blog is a film blog to give fans updates on many different films. WE COVER IT ALL HERE ON THE BUZZ ABOUT MOVIES!

All the info about movies-

We have the Weekly Box-Office (to tell you what movies are hits and to show you how your favorite films are making out in the box office)

Trailer of the Week (We show you all the hottest new trailers, and there are plenty of great movies to come! )

Poll of the Month (We want to see what you think of movies, because the audience is the most important part of Hollywood)

Awards (We have awards from our associate blog, Bookz, as well! We feature the Big C Book Awards, the Big C Movie Awards and the Big C Music Awards)

About the Films Weekly (We tell you what is going on in film. Biggest news, and info on upcoming films! Find out information before anyone else does on About the Films Weekly!)

Movie Reviews (We tell you what we thought of the movie! We give you our personal thoughts, so you can decide what to rent or see this weekend)

What to See this Weekend (We guide your interest on what to see THIS week, with reasons backing up all of our opinions)

Top 6 Director Movies (To honor amazing directors and to introduce you to new key films),

Reviews From the Top Sources (To give you what the critics really think, and their reviews)

Oscars In Depth: The Oscar Channel (Say what you think when Oscar season comes, and we give you info on all of the Oscar contenders)

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  1. Michaela Harkins

    February 22, 2012

    Great blog! i saw The Secret World of Arrietty (don’t really know how to spell her name but it aws so sad, and good.

  2. Hi Caden! This is Spencer (Timmy from DARE skit). I think your blog is so cool! I just finished watching Jaws and it is so good yet scary! Also, I really want to see incredibly loud and close. I heard that as a 100th anniversary, the 1997 Titanic movie is going to be 3D. I really want to see that! By!

  3. Hey Buzzer,
    We should do a review on “Brother’s of War!”
    That would be a cool twist.


    • NRVFX

      July 3, 2012

      Whoops, my name is “NRVFX!” LOL


      • NRVFX

        July 3, 2012

        Hey Buzzer,
        We should do a review on “Brother’s of War!”
        That would be a cool twist!

  4. NRVFX

    July 3, 2012

    Hmm, I think I’m glitching…. O¬O


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