SPIDER-MAN 3-Movie Review

Posted on July 2, 2012


So the new Spider-Man comes out this week, so I’m like, let’s watch Spider-Man 3! This is The Buzz About Movies’ Review on Spider-Man 3.

After the first Spider-Man was a hit, the second one was just awesome action and it had the love triangle, the 3rd one was just TOO complex. Three love triangles! (MJ, Peter, Harry) (Gwen, Brock, Peter) (MJ, Peter, Gwen). That got a bit crazy! Not to mention 5 villains! 5! It’s like The Avengers but with villains but much more confusing! AHHH! Here’s what Sam Raimi should’ve done: MJ and Peter are going strong, yet Harry is always there (love triangle). Suddenly, Sandman emerges, is found to have connection with Peter’s father’s death, so Peter wants revenge. Then, despite being against each other, Harry and Peter unite to take out Sandman. They shouldn’t have added that glob aspect! They shouldn’t have added Gwen Stacy or that Brock guy! It was too confusing! Not to mention it gets super boring when a large part of it is just MJ and Peter talking. It was boring, and there were so many villains, that they were doing something with one, then you totally forgot about the other one until he came on screen and you forgot about the other villain. The Glob was interesting, but unnecessary. What it does is magnifies your anger, so you turn into some one you are not. The script was horrible! They’d kill somebody off, then be like (we need him later) then kill him off again later (happened a few times). The film was still good, but way too confusing! However, on the other hand, Thomas Haden Church was great as Sandman, the guy who played Brock was nice, Tobey Maguire killed, Kirsten Dunst was well, OK, and Franco hit it right on the spot. The film has a gazillion plot lines that then join together to become a different plot line! Raimi just stuffed all of his ideas into this movie! Too many ideas!

Here’s my reviews on the cast:

 TOBEY MAGUIRE killed as Spider-Man/Peter Parker/Black-Suited Spider-Man. Yep, Spider-Man goes all black in this film, as the glob is trying to take over him. Peter turns into something he’s not, and before you know it, Mary Jane is mad at him! Yikes!

 KIRSTEN DUNST was good, showed emotion, but wasn’t GREAT. She loves Peter, you see that, and is devastated when he turns into the “black-suited” guy.

 JAMES FRANCO was great! He was Harry/New Goblin as he takes his father’s place as the Green Goblin trying to kill Peter for killing his father (when Peter didn’t really kill Harry’s father). Man! False pretenses!

 THOMAS HADEN CHURCH was great as Sandman/Marko Flint, the guy who terrorizes the town, and is the film’s main villain, despite them having about 5 villains. He was good, and you understood him, and saw all of his emotions in his face. He just wants to help his daughter.

 TOPHER GRACE was Venom/Eddie Brock, a man who Peter humiliates, but then comes back to haunt him. I liked him, but they needed to go in-depth a bit more about him.

 BRYCE DALLAS HOWARD was Gwen Stacy, a girl who is Peter’s apprentice in Science, but turns into a member of two love triangles. She didn’t really need to be there, and in the new Spider-Man, Gwen Stacy is Peter’s love interest. KINDA AWKWARD!

Here’s my overall review:


STORY: 2/10


ACTING: 7.5/10


IMPACT: 9/10

PACING: 3/10


MOOD: 6/10

RE-WATCH: 4/10

Overall, I give this film a: 6.2 (Middle of the Ladder) Thanks for checking out The Buzz About Movies’ review on Spider-Man 3.