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July 23, 2012


Before this review, I’d like to say that we’re so sorry to all of those people in Aurora, Colorado, and our prayers and hopes are to their families and friends, and to those in the hospital. Is this as good as “The Avengers” or “The Dark Knight”? This is the Buzz About Movies’ review on The […]

BRAVE-Movie Review

July 17, 2012


You better be watching out “vor” this movie! You’re reading the Buzz About Movies’ review on Brave. So, we were the only people in the world who liked Cars 2 here at The Buzz About Movies, so Pixar’s redemption was Brave. While we didn’t get to see Brave immediately, we still wanted to see it, and saw it the week after […]


July 4, 2012


This Spider-Man is amazing in every sense of the word. This is The Buzz About Movies’ review on The Amazing Spider-Man. When Tobey Maguire and Sam Raimi ran out of creative ideas for a Spider-Man 4, the franchise looked down. Years later Sony was in some trouble and thought of bringing back Spider-Man, but rebooted. THEY got […]

SPIDER-MAN 3-Movie Review

July 2, 2012


So the new Spider-Man comes out this week, so I’m like, let’s watch Spider-Man 3! This is The Buzz About Movies’ Review on Spider-Man 3. After the first Spider-Man was a hit, the second one was just awesome action and it had the love triangle, the 3rd one was just TOO complex. Three love triangles! (MJ, Peter, Harry) (Gwen, […]