BIG MIRACLE-Movie Review

Posted on June 27, 2012


We just saw a movie…about whales! This is The Buzz About Movies’ Review on Big Miracle.

The story of the Alaskan Whales is true, and it is adapted from the book by Thomas Rose titled: Freeing the Whales. Many people are comparing this to Dolphin Tale, both are true stories and about animals. We liked this more than Dolphin Tale, because there were more challenges to face the team. When you thought it was all good, something else would pop up. This also feels like a bigger operation, getting the National Guard and the Soviets involved, where Dolphin Tale was more a small aquarium. Tale was also good, but not as good as this. It makes you think of whales in a whole different way, and they have some amazing sweeping shots of the Arctic that just BLOW your mind! While the acting wasn’t superb, Drew Barrymore and John Krasinski certainly held their own as the main characters. Kristen Bell was also funny as the bratty reporter that is kissing up to Adam. The boy, Ahmaogak Sweeney, was pretty good, and really looked the part. This is the only film he’s acted in, but I hope  he does more. Also a quick shout out to John Michael Higgins who plays small, but VERY comedic roles in films (this included).

Here’s my reviews on the cast:

 DREW BARRYMORE held her own as the female lead, and also showed you how much passion she put into the project and how many people she could get in touch with. There was always a relationship with Krasinski, that was clever.

 JOHN KRASINSKI was fine as the male lead, and was funny. Sadly, most of his jokes were in the trailer. He was fine, however.

 KRISTEN BELL was funny as the selfish reporter, who only cares about the story, and about getting famous. She is always kissing up to Adam (Krasinski), and that is funny.

 TED DANSON is JW McGraw, who was hilarious! He was against the whales, until his wife transplanted the idea into his head for media coverage. In the end, he cares as much as Rachel (Barrymore) does however.

Here’s my overall review:


STORY: 10/10


ACTING: 6/10


IMPACT: 10/10

PACING: 9/10


MOOD: 10/10

RE-WATCH: 7/10

Overall, I give this film an: 8.1 (Fun Fine Time). It’s a fun family movie, see it with the kids, it is funny, heartwarming, relaxing, yet suspenseful and based off of a true story.