SPIDER-MAN 2-Movie Review

Posted on June 25, 2012


Spidey’s swinging around AGAIN! You’re reading The Buzz About Movies’ review on Spider-Man 2.

Marvel was cheering when Spider-Man came in with an impressive haul at the box office. So, they made a sequel, in which Spider-Man duels against Doc-Ock. The film is clever, because it is all mental, showing you the key to finding yourself is through your mind, with the suit not working when Spider-Man’s wondering if he is Spider-Man or Peter Parker, plenty of looks inside Spider-Man’s mind, and the key to the villain becoming good is to not let arms control his mind. It was better than the original, but the villain wasn’t the best. At the very end, there is a cliffhanger, so you know they’ll be doing a Spider-Man 3 (and they did!)

Here is my reviews on the actors:

 TOBEY MAGUIRE is once again a strong male lead as Spider-Man and Peter Parker. He adds real emotion to the role, and outacts Alfred Molina (playing Doc Ock) in every scene! In my mind, Maguire is Spider-Man, but we’ll see what I think of Andrew Garfield when I write my review on The Amazing Spider-Man.

 KIRSTEN DUNST is fine as Mary Jane, but she is not as good as Maguire. And while she does hold her own, her character bounces around a bit in the film (not very good script-writing).

 JAMES FRANCO is Harry Osborne, who has to get his revenge on Spider-Man for killing his father despite that Spider-Man is his best friend (doesn’t know that yet) and his father was the bad guy.

 J.K. SIMMONS is the head guy at the Bugle, and is hilarious! HILARIOUS! Probably the best acting in the movie is here! Hilarious acting from JK Simmons!

Here’s my overall review:


STORY: 8/10


ACTING: 7/10


IMPACT: 7/10

PACING: 10/10


MOOD: 9/10

RE-WATCH: 8/10

Overall, I give this film an: 8.8 (Triple Awesome)! Thanks for checking out The Buzz About Movies!