Posted on June 11, 2012


This the movie NO ONE heard about! You’re reading The Buzz About Movies’ review on Batman Begins.

So, after Batman and Robin completely failed, Batman looked to be abandoned and it seemed only Tim Burton could bring Batman to life. Joel Schumacher tried twice, and failed twice. Both Batman Forever and Batman and Robin were flops. Maybe the addition of Robin was bringing it down.

In 2005, a guy named Christopher Nolan (at the time known for Memento), decided to reboot the Batman movies. Who was he? No one knew, but he was able to convince an all-star cast to follow his lead, and it worked! Batman Begins grossed over 350 million dollars worldwide! It was about Batman’s origin story, and had a Joker cliffhanger at the end.

Here’s what we thought: After a slow start with Batman learning the ways of Ra’s Al Ghul, you are just saying: When is Batman going to take shape? After Batman’s origin story finishes, and Bruce Wayne comes back to Gotham, Batman starts to take shape a bit more. He’s fighting criminals and crime. A dealer named Falcone starts off as the villain, but soon this guy named Dr. Crane comes in and gets a mask that looks like a scarecrow and shoots deadly gas and people call him a scarecrow. The suit was honestly disappointing. The film has a good versus evil story at the end that is very good (better than most) but not as good as The Dark Knight‘s good versus evil story, in which Heath Ledger shines like gold. This movie wasn’t as good as The Dark Knight, (duh) but it was still very good, and had many awaiting its sequel (The Dark Knight). The Dark Knight Rises looks to be totally awesome!

Here’s my review on the cast:

CHRISTIAN BALE plays the iconic Batman/Bruce Wayne, who after feeling guilty for his parent’s death, tries to avenge criminals. He was good, but was outshines by other actors/actresses. He is very much emotionally driven, and is strong but weak.

 MICHAEL CAINE really outshines Bale in every scene. His butler humor and his (Caine)ness is very good in this film. He is better in this than he is in the sequel, because he is more involved in this film. He cares a lot for Bruce Wayne. Michael Caine plays his part very well.

 LIAM NEESON is one of the best performances in the film, as Henri Ducard, and you never know if he is good or bad. Neeson brings heart to a lonely character and really embodies him as one. I can’t wait to see him in The Dark Knight Rises.

 KATIE HOLMES is too cool for school in this movie. She looks like she loves Bruce Wayne until she slaps him, and their relationship is odd. She was okay, but (weirdly) Christian Bale outshines her. WOW!

 MORGAN FREEMEN is Lucius Fox, a weapons designer for Batman. Batman uses Lucius as just a weapon-maker in this movie, not a spy (like he is in the next film). Morgan Freeman’s strong composure holds this character together.

 GARY OLDMAN is Jim Gordon, who is sort of like Batman’s Robin in this film. The director Nolan didn’t want to use Robin because it added to bright a color to the film (and look how the two Batman films with Robin did)… But Gary Oldman as always is good.

CILLIAN MURPHY plays Dr. Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow, and is one of the best in the film. They should’ve had more of him. His precision in acting is so good it astonishes.

Here’s my overall review:


STORY: 9/10


ACTING: 7.5/10

VISUALS: 10/10

IMPACT: 9.5/10

PACING: 8.5/10


MOOD: 9/10

RE-WATCH: 8/10

Overall, I give this film a: 9/10 (Triple Awesome)! Thanks for reading The Buzz About Movies’ review on Batman Begins.