Posted on June 4, 2012


Mirror mirror on the wall, who is fairest of them all? You’re reading the Buzz About Movies’ review on Snow White and the Huntsman.

In 2010, Tim Burton changed the fairy-tale genre with Alice in Wonderland. It grossed over 1 billion dollars, and was a darker twist on the too-da fairy-tale of Alice in Wonderland. With the exception of Pirates of the Caribbean and The Avengers, it is the most grossing Disney movie of all time. WHOA!

Other studios decided to get into that genre. Universal was the first to act, coming up with Snow White and the Huntsman, a dark version of the fairy-tale. They brought in commercial director Rupert Sanders and the producers of Alice in Wonderland to make the film a success.

The film was very fast-paced, lots of awesome action, and great acting. It was a very visual movie, meaning the looks on the actor’s faces told most of the story. There wasn’t much dialogue in the movie. It also added to the effect of the Queen’s power, however. It was also a very strong emotional film. You think blockbusters don’t have emotion, see this. It has lots of emotion, which is really needed, because of the Queen’s power and everyone’s anger and sadness.

Now, here’s my review on the cast:

 KRISTEN STEWART plays Snow White, the fairy-tale character. I felt she held her own in the film, but did not match the performances of Hemsworth and Theron. Everyone hates her because of Twilight, but I just have to say she was good in this movie. If you’re a big Kristen Stewart fan, go see the film. Even if you’re not, it could turn you around. I wasn’t a big Kristen Stewart fan at all until I saw this movie.

 CHRIS HEMSWORTH plays the Huntsman, the man hired to hunt Snow White down in the forest. If you’ve seen Thor and The Avengers, you realize a new action star is born. He was REALLY good in this movie, and outdid Kristen Stewart by a lot. He really added raw emotion to the role. He gave his character a character arc that the script didn’t real show, from a drunkard to the man he ends up in the end. (Not going to spoil anything for ya!)

 CHARLIZE THERON plays Queen Ravenna, who kills people to look young. Kind of gruesome. She also played the character well. It is easy for villains to get lost in the movie. That didn’t happen with her. She was all out awesome.  No better way to describe it. Best actor in the movie BY FAR.

 SAM CLAFIN plays the Duke’s son, and I must say he wasn’t as good as Kristen Stewart. He sort of held his own. He didn’t act the best he could (like in Pirates of the Caribbean 4), but he is still a new action star in the making.

Here’s my overall review:


STORY: 9/10


ACTING: 8/10

VISUALS: 10/10

IMPACT: 8/10

PACING: 9/10


MOOD: 7/10

RE-WATCH: 8/10

Overall, I give this film an: 8.5 (Triple Awesome).

Thanks for reading the Buzz About Movies’ review on Snow White and the Huntsman.