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Finally, after getting held back two weeks: High School Musical 3 gets a review: You’re reading The Buzz About Movie’s review on High School Musical 3.

My sister is a huge fan of the High School Musical films. While I thought 1 was okay, and 2 had too many song numbers, I thought 3 was good. The romance story with Zac Efron (as always) was cheesy, but if you get over that fact (despite that it’s 90% of the movie) it’s a good film. Ashley Tisdale was funny as Sharpay, and the fact of Zac Efron and the kid named Chad being buds added some comedy to this film where as 1 and 2 he was more “there”.

It was a good film, though. Personally, I wanted LESS romance and MORE comedy.

Here are my reviews on the cast:

ZAC EFRON plays Troy Bolton, the main character, who happens to be in love with some one in the Stanford program. She still really likes him, though. While Troy is wondering whether to go to a school for acting or basketball, Zac Efron doesn’t add too much emotion to the role.

 VANESSA HUDGENS is as cheesy as ever. At least in High School Musical 2 she wasn’t AS cheesy. You are supposed to like her, but by decisions she makes, like to not spend prom with Troy, I didn’t really like Gabriella Montez from the beginning. My advice to Troy: Get another girl.

 ASHLEY TISDALE is the most believable as Sharpay Evans. Sadly, her character is never written well. At the end of every movie, she seems like she’s now a good guy: until the next movie when she’s a bad guy. Ashley Tisdale plays that selfish girl well, though.

 LUCAS GRABEEL plays Sharpay’s brother, Ryan. Ryan is an amazing dancer and choreographer, but the way they wrote his character is too confusing: You never know if he’s a good guy or a bad guy. While Ryan is funny, nice and easy to persuade, he is acted well.

 CORBIN BLEU plays Troy’s buddy, Chad. Chad is the funniest in this movie, and is acted well by Corbin Bleu. It feels weird comparing these acting performances to those in The King’s Speech or Titanic because personally I think Leo DiCapprio is much better then Zac Efron.

 MONIQUE COLEMAN plays Gabriella’s buddy, Taylor. Taylor is supposed to look like she has a big role, but she doesn’t really. Monique Coleman is okay, but like every one else, not believable.

Here is my overall review:


STORY: 5.5/10



IMAPCT: 3/10

PACING: 8/10


MOOD: 9/10

RE-WATCH: 7.5/10

Overall, I give this film an 6/10 (The Uh Award: I Didn’t Know What to Think). Thanks for reading The Buzz About Movies’s review on High School Musical 3.

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