Posted on May 7, 2012


My movie review this week was going to be: High School Musical 3. Then, I remembered that The Avengers was coming out and I said: High School Musical can wait a week. You are reading The Buzz About Movies’s review on Marvel’s The Avengers.

With the release of 2000’s X-Men, Marvel has been the primary studio to make superhero movies. While X2 turned out to be amazing, many thought X-Men: The Last Stand didn’t. Therefore, Marvel lost some thunder and stopped producing X-Men movies for a period of time. In 2008, Marvel looked to recover with the release of Iron Man, the first movie in a four year Avengers plan. It made over 500 million dollars worldwide and connected with audiences. Iron Man 2 was soon to follow in 2010, making even more money than Iron Man had. Then, in 2011, Thor debuted, making tons of money, and it was announced that The Avengers (the final film in the Avengers plan) was coming next May. Then, Captain America: The First Avenger came into theaters in July, and did very well on the box office, but was overshadowed by the final Harry Potter film. Then, X-Men: First Class came out, reviving the X-Men franchise. So, people said that The Avengers would be amazing: and it darn sure was!

The film had awesome action sequences, good rivalry between the superheroes, a VERY good Hulk and a version of Loki more evil and tricky than ever. While the film’s visual effects shined, the story was there as well, and with all the superheroes and agents and villains being played so well. While in Thor, Tom Hiddleston was excellent: he was just better here. (Loki movie: anyone?).

Sadly, no cameos were in The Avengers. They just showed a picture of Natalie Portman on a computer. And while the addition  of Maria Hill was good, she wasn’t really needed. She was just a minor supporting character.

Here’s my reviews on the cast:

ROBERT DOWNEY JR. plays selfish, funny tech genius Tony Stark, the richest of the superheroes. He had worked for SHIELD before, but didn’t like it too much. Tony Stark had made his suit from plainly metal, which makes him the most creative and special.

CHRIS EVANS plays sad, depressed and lonely Captain America, who having been stuck in ice for 70 years, just submerged from the sea. Cap likes to pick on Iron Man, yet he isn’t any better than Iron Man (considering Iron Man can fly and has a metal suit). Captain America ends up emerging as the leader of the Avengers.

CHRIS HEMSWORTH plays Thor, the Thunder God, who travels onto earth to save Loki, and then join a society to destroy him. And while Thor can fly, throw a hammer, and fight like he means it, he’s about as good as Captain America and Iron Man combined. Good addition to the team!

MARK RUFFALO plays Hulk, who after being not well played two times in a row, seems the third time’s the charm as the Hulk shines and roars louder and better than ever opposite his teammates. He’s also one of the only guys who’s able to beat up Loki.

JEREMY RENNER is an agent for SHIELD who has a bow, which he shoots, and he shoots with great accuracy. I didn’t expect much from Hawkeye, but he surprised me. Hawkeye movie, anyone?

SCARLETT JOHANSSON plays Russian SHIELD agent Black Widow, who is not scared of much. There could’ve been a love story going on between her and Hawkeye, but nothing ever became of it (love story in the…second film?)

TOM HIDDLESTON plays Loki, and he is the best actor in this film by far! He plays the villain Loki in a way that makes you believe he is so evil it’s unimaginable.

 SAMUEL L. JACKSON is very good as Nick Fury, the person in charge of SHIELD, and the person who runs the Avengers idea. Jackson was good, but there was some missed potential.

Here’s my overall review:


STORY: 8/10


ACTING: 8/10

VISUALS: 10/10

IMPACT: 7/10

PACING: 10/10


MOOD: 9.5/10

RE-WATCH 10/10

Overall, I give this film a 10/10: Home Run!