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Posted on April 30, 2012


This is the first time I saw this movie, but I’m sure I’ll see it again!

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Titanic originally came to theaters in 1997 and had a budget of $200 million (unheard of at that time). People thought the movie would sink, and director James Cameron would go down with the ship, until Titanic spent 15 weeks at #1 of the Domestic Box Office (most of all time) and the film ended up winning 11 Academy Awards including Best Picture.

When watching the film, you could tell it was a masterpiece, visually and acting-wise. The film opens on a sad note with titles and showing real footage of the RMS Titanic disembarking from Southampton, and onto a memorable voyage. The film opened sad, and takes place mostly in a flashback sequence, but that makes it unique.

One scene which shows plates falling off the shelves of a shelf as the ship goes down is really amazing to watch, as is the film. And  while the first half is a sweet romantic comedy (that is very good), the second half is a crazy action thriller (just as good, if not better).


The film is about some archeologists searching the Titanic for a diamond, and they end up finding a drawing in which the diamond is in. It is of a bare naked woman wearing the diamond. Back at home, an old lady named Rose Dawson is watching TV, when they show their find. Rose is astounded, as that drawing is of her. (Turns out she was on the Titanic in her younger days). She calls the archeologists to tell them that she is the woman in the pictures, and is flown out to the archeologist place immediately. Rose tells them the story of the Titanic from her perspective, in which she meets a man named Jack Dawson whom she falls in love with. Problem is: She’s already married!!!

Here’s my reviews on the cast:

LEONARDO DICAPRRIO was amazing in this film as Rose’s love interest, Jack Dawson. Every time diCapprio came onto screen, I felt a “Yes!” brewing in my lips. While Jack is funny and charming, he is also very serious about his beliefs. In my opinion, Leonardo di Capprio was the best acting performance in this film.

KATE WINSLET plays Rose at a younger age, when her last name was DeWitt Bukater. She has this look in her eye of fear, hatred, and of a young child being scared throughout the ship sinking finale and the whole movie, and I really enjoyed that. Winslet is really good opposite DiCapprio.

BILLY ZANE plays the slimy villain of the story. His character, Cal Harkley’s fiancee is Rose, until she falls in love with Jack Dawson. I thought Billy Zane was also super good as the bad guy, and for some reason I always like the bad guy. They are usually funny (because they are so dumb or are so evil).

KATHY BATES plays Molly Brown, a true person in history who cares about others and is not as self-centered as Rose’s mother Ruth believes. She was a very good supporting character, and played the character of Molly Brown just perfect.

GLORIA STUART plays the older version of Rose. I think that she is very good playing the older version of Rose and certainly matches Kate Winslet’s excellent performance.

BERNARD HILL plays Captain Smith, the Captain of the Titanic. Since he has such a minor role, it is hard to say much about his performance, but it felt very commanding.

Here’s my grade for Titanic:


STORY: 10/10


ACTING: 10/10

VISUALS: 10/10

IMPACT: 10/10

PACING: 10/10


MOOD: 10/10

RE-WATCH: 10/10

Overall, I give this film a: HOME RUN (10/10).

Now here’s the REAL story of the Titanic:

A passenger named Ismay suggested to Captain Smith that the ship goes as fast as it can, and it could therefore get to New York a day ahead of schedule. After some convincing, Captain Smith said okay, because he had only gotten warnings of small icebergs in the area, and WHY NOT? That night, however, the Titanic ran into a huge iceberg. After the boilers were alerted, they tried to turn the ship, but because the ship was going so fast it couldn’t turn in time, and hit the iceberg on the side. It flooded 5 out of 16 water compartments, and soon flooded all 16. The RMS Titanic could sail with 4 water compartments flooded, not five. The inventor, Thomas Andrews, told the Captain that the ship would sink. The Captain ordered everyone to the lifeboats, first class first, women and children first, and they proceeded onto the boats. To start, the boats were only being put half-full, because of the worry of weight tipping the boats over. Soon, the order came to fill the boats, considering they didn’t have enough boats as is to fill all passengers. 1,500 people died in the water, and only 6 people were rescued from the lifeboats, because only one boat went back to save others. Everyone else had the worry of people jumping ship. Such people as Astor, Guggenheim, Captain Smith, Thomas Andrews, and many others died on that terrible night.

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