The King’s Speech-MOVIE REVIEW

Posted on April 15, 2012


This film tells the true story of King George the 6th and his stuttering issues and his odd-ball speech trainer, Lionel. This film was amazingly put together, directed and acted, with my favorite acting performance being Geoffrey Rush as Lionel, the speech trainer. I felt like Helena Bonham Carter played Queen Elizabeth just a bit harsh, while Colin Firth was amazing as King George 6.

I thought that it couldn’t have improved at all. To this day, one of my all-time favorite movies, I totally understand why this film won Best Picture in the 2011 Academy Awards.

Personally, I thought that the way they incorporated the Nazis and Hitler wasn’t offensive at all, and I was glad, because in some other movies, Hitler has gone out of hand. The great sets of 1920’s London were astounding, and felt like it was back-to-back with 2011’s W.E., which followed King George the 6th’s brother, Edward, who married a divorced American woman against his will.

I LOVED this movie, and thought that it was perfectly paced.

I would say that it was a: HOME RUN (10/10)


STORY: 10/10


ACTING: 10/10


IMPACT: 8.5/10

PACING: 10/10


MOOD: 9.5/10

RE-WATCH: 9/10

Tom Hooper accomplished a masterpiece. I can’t wait for him to direct Les Miserables this winter.

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