Titanic (I’m King of the World!) in 3D

Posted on March 26, 2012


In 1997, James Cameron, a well-known filmmaker, blew everyone away with Titanic. The film was about two lovers on the most doomed ship on earth, and was an original screenplay by Cameron. It won 11 Academy Awards: Art Direction, Cinematography, Costume Design, Best Directing, Sound Effects Editing, Visual Effects, Film Editing, Original Score, Original Song, Best Picture and Best Sound and was nominated for Best Actress in A Leading Role, Best Actress in A Supporting Role, and Best Makeup. It also at that time got the most money out of any film in history. Then, James Cameron made a (in some minds) selfish Academy Award speech when he won Best Directing, he took a 12-year break from filmmaking and then came out with Avatar, which topped Titanic’s monster box office gross, and James Cameron soon became known as: Awesome Visionary Director of Avatar. Well, Cameron thinks that this work is better than Avatar, so he is releasing Titanic again in 3D! It debuts April 1st, and much of the world can’t wait to see Leonardo di Capprio and Kate Winslet fall in love once again on the Titanic!

   The reason the 3D is a big deal is because Avatar had such amazing 3D, and people think that Cameron can do amazing work with 3D again. Will people be amazed after the amazing Digital 3D they saw with Hugo? Even Cameron praised director Martin Scorsese for making 3D part of his art form, while Cameron considers it “Other colors to paint with that we couldn’t paint with before.”

I loved Avatar, and its 3D, and I think that Titanic in 3D will rock, especially the ship sinking sequence, but I can’t expect the 3D to be as good as Hugo, which blew me away with its 3D effects. I asked Dad to get a 3D TV, and I almost convinced him because of Hugo.


Go to see Titanic in theaters April 1st in 3D!