Posted on March 25, 2012


Katniss Everdeen

I just got back from The Hunger Games. The film is adapted off of a brilliant book by Suzanne Collins about our future and a very arrogant Capitol ruler city.

The film was adapted so well from the book, and the characters were acted strongly by:

JENNIFER LAWRENCE is an Academy-Award nominated actress who has only had one small hit (Winter’s Bone), so now she becomes everyone’s Katinss Everdeen, the main character in the film, who lives in the poorest district out of 12, District 12. They have a competition because of an accident defying the Capitol in a District (13) which was as we know it, destroyed. Katniss volunteers for her sister, Prim because she cannot watch her die. Jennifer Lawrence gives a very strong, bold performance as Katniss, and was perfectly cast.

JOSH HUTCHERSON is most knownas a solid child actor, having acted in The Bridge of Terabathia Lately, he is trying to become an adult actor, and had a supporting role in the blockbuster family/kid hit Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. Now, he co-stars as Peeta Mallark, the boy who goes to the competition (The Hunger Games) with Katniss and plainly expresses his love for her. Hutcherson plays Peeta strong, yet weak, a unique way to play such a character, and I admire the performance.

Gale HawthorneLIAM HEMSWORTHis tired of being known as Miley Cyrus’s boyfriend and the brother of (OH YEAH)Thor superstar Chris Hemsworth, so he landed the spot of Katniss’s best friend, Gale Hawthorne, in the movie of Suzanne Collins’s brilliant book. He has a small part that looks to be bumped up in the second movie, and really acted the character of Gale well.

WOODY HARRELSON plays Katniss and Peeta’s drunk (yet very funny) Haymitch Abernathymentor, Haymitch Abernathy, and gives my favorite performance of the movie. He has some funny jokes, and he hasn’t been in a movie in a while unless you count independent films and small supporting roles, and for a guy who got known on the 80’s show Cheers gives a very good performance.

Effie TrinketELIZABETH BANKS is probably themost known actor/actress on this movie, and she hasn’t hadany big hits,so this could be a game changer for her. She gives a very good performance as a selfish Effie Trinket.

STANLEY TUCCI hasn’t done much period. He’s done The Devil Wears Prada, Caesar FlickermanThe Terminal and has an Academy-Award nominated performance in 2009’s The Lonely Bones. He now takes a new turn as Hunger Games announcer Caesar Flickerman. Flickerman is one of my favorite characters from the first book, and Stanley Tucci gives a decent performance.

Seneca Crane WES BENTLEY plays a character who wasn’t even in the first book, yet adds a nice touch to the film being there. His funny conversations with President Snow keep you entertained, and his last BIG hit was (American Beauty in 1999). Bentley acts Head Gamemaker Seneca Crane, who is easy to persuade, but he doesn’t have the power to persuade others. A decent performance given by Wes Bentley.

LENNY KRAVITZ is a singer, but he embraces acting playing Katniss’s cool hair and Cinnacostume designer Cinna. Personally, I think there wasn’t enough of Cinna, and Lenny Kravitz gave a very good and decent performance.

The film ended up being very good, but the ending was rushed and didn’t make the film “stand alone”.Overall the film was very good, but could’ve been better, and could’ve used some more lines and scenes from the book. While the cast shined, and the screenplay (adaptation) was done well, the camera was very blurry in some spots so that you couldn’t see the fighting and action. Forget about Gary Ross, get some one like Chris Columbus or JJ Abrams to film action sequences. Also, they did tone down the gore and nudity by a lot. I didn’t mind too much, but the cave scene, where Peeta and Katniss start their (fake and budding) romance WAS WAY TOO SHORT! They also rushed the twist at the end (as said above) and the finale of the Hunger Games was nothing of a good finale. It was scary, but I thought a 12-year old Harry Potter fighting a basilisk with a STEADY camera was much more entertaining, but don’t get me wrong. I liked it. It just isn’t even close to the best film of the year (like I expected).

Overall, I give this film a 9 out of 10, meaning that it was an awesome movie, but could’ve improved.

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