The Warner Bros. Jam

Posted on March 11, 2012


Warner Brothers has just wrapped up the amazing Harry Potter franchise, and this summer had an epic fail with Green Lantern. So, Warner Brothers looks to come back from a sad summer as Warner Brother’s biggest moneymaking franchise Harry Potter is now gone and there will be no Green Lantern sequel.

So, Warner Brothers will try to get money with the The Dark Knight Rises, a sequel to The Dark Knight, which grossed over 1 billion dollars worldwide. In December, they will release The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, and that will obviously do well at the box office.

But, after this year, Warner Brothers will finish up The Hobbit franchise, with There and Back Again, and they are stuck. Marvel has been outdoing DC Comics in superhero movies because Marvel’s feel more like characters, where as DC’s feel more like well…superheroes.

So, what will Warner Brothers do? Comment below.