A Film By…Madonna???

Posted on February 4, 2012



So, now Madonna’s getting into film. What’s next? Taio Cruz? Who knows? Anyways, here is a summary of Madonna’s film: Same time period as Academy-Award winner “The King’s Speech” and is a true story told from the perspective of a woman named Wallace Simpson. Back then, Edward 4 (I think) was king of England. Then, Edward fell in love with this American who had been divorced twice called Wallace Simpson. She wasn’t pretty like your typical royalty, no, she was just plain-ish. So, everyone in England wondered why Wallace was taking their king away (because the king eventually declined the throne to marry her) and she was hated throughout England. The story is told from her perspective and is called W./E. Looks good, but could Madonna be the next Harvey Weinstien???? Hey, I don’t know, but she has a bright filmmaking future for sure.


W.E.-A Madonna film

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