Posted on February 3, 2012


The Artist

I was just in NYC the other day, and I saw that The Artist was playing. The critics have been regarding it so highly I just had to watch it. So, I had high expectations when the curtains opened (yes it was an old-fashioned theater) and I saw the opening sequence, just getting used to the no-sound. I think that it was a masterpiece, with the musical score (composed by Ludovic Bource) reflecting the tone of the movie much better than former silent films I’ve seen (Lion’s Cage, City Lights, Safety Last, The Kid, A Trip to the Moon) and most of those films are considered masterpieces. I think they showed first-hand what George Valentine was going through with the fall of silent films, and I think hat Jean Dujardin deserves an Oscar win for this movie! It was double what I thought it was! One of my favorite films this year and of all time. I give it (on a scale of 1to 10) a 10. I would give it higher if possible. GO SEE THE ARTIST! It’s no fluke that it’s nominated for 10 Academy Awards!

The Artist

This film totally blew me away!

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