Inside The Mind of Jonah Hill

Posted on February 3, 2012


Jonah Hill

AFTER HE DID “GET HIM TO GREEK”: Oh my gosh! I need to find a better job or else I am going to plummet down as a star in Hollywood! I need to find a good movie to do! Maybe an animated movie with…I know…DREAMWORKS!

AFTER HE DID “MEGAMIND”: No, that didn’t work. Stars don’t get any recognition in animated films, with the only exception being Jack Black in Kung Fu Panda. You know, my co-star, Brad Pitt asked me to do this movie with him called Moneyball. Maybe I should try it!

AFTER HE DID “MONEYBALL”: YES! The public now loves me! I need to do these movies more often!

AFTER THE 2012 ACADEMY AWARDS WERE ANNOUNCED: Yes! I finally got an Academy Award nomination! I REALLY need to do these movies more often! Can’t wait to attend an Awards ceremony!

So, as you see, Jonah Hill is a comedian. A comedian who likes to do silly movies, but he really needs to start doing movies like Moneyball, or else his career will fade off, and no one will remember him. As for the 21 Jump St. movie coming out (sigh), Jonah Hill needs to do more movies that get recognized by the Academy instead of dumb comedies.

Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill-he should be a role model for Aziz Ansari