Aziz Ansari-Can One Bad Choice Really Ruin A Career?

Posted on February 3, 2012


Aziz Ansari

YES IT CAN. Aziz Ansari decided to make a comedy with Jesse Eisenberg and Danny McBride (hey, not so bad!) and Nick Swardson called 30 Minutes or Less. The film did horribly at the box office, and horribly for Aziz Ansari, and upcoming actor. Ansari had been in many films before, but…could his career come to an end? After that, Mark Mylod decided to end his stint later that year, giving him a part in What’s Your Number?, starring Chris Evans and Anna Faris. Then, he did a quick Ice Age short (not too impressive) and continued to co-star in TV show Parks and Recreation. What to do next? Well, Ice Age shorts and TV-shows don’t last, so he got a job on the 4th Ice Age movie: Ice Age: Continental Drift, playing Squint. The film seems like a pirates-version of an Ice Age, and doesn’t look to impress me (if I go see it) in the theater. So, what’s next for Aziz Ansari? Hopefully a good movie??????-I sure hope so, even though I haven’t seen any of his work-I know that he really needs a job that will boost up his career.

Aziz Ansari

This comedian needs to find a good movie to do. You know, Jonah Hill was in this situation before he did Moneyball. Maybe Ansari should talk to Jonah Hill.